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 Welcome to the forums

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PostSubject: Welcome to the forums   10/26/2009, 3:29 pm

Thanks to me... Lambchop, after some long-awaited return. i have Re-created the forums...
I can make the forums better, but for now, this is how they are.
I do have a Ventrilo Server, but i will have to get that set up with some old buddies.
If you want to split a Game off into a Sperate forum, such as how World of Warcraft and Evony are set up right now, send a message to me and i can do that. I can split off Alliances into their own forums as well, and give their leader forum rights/admin to that forum.
Need anything else just ask.

I am not a leader of anything, just the admin of these forums.
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Welcome to the forums
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