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 Evony Patch Notes

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PostSubject: Evony Patch Notes   11/4/2009, 4:41 pm

Patch Notes - 8/22/09
* Package Aug C has been added!
* Greatly boosted the resources awarded from the Wheel of Fortune! A
higher level Town Hall and more resource fields will increase the
resources given.
* The tooltip for the Penicillin buff has been changed from “Cure” to “Penicillin” for added clarity.
* If an attacker does not destroy at least 10% of the defender's
troops, the attacker will not receive information on troops and
fortifications in the Attack Report.
Bug Fixes:
* Occasionally display errors could occur with gold and resources when posting orders in the marketplace. This has been fixed.

Patch Notes - 8/17/09
* Package Aug B is added (effective from Aug 16 to Aug 21).
* Adding time stamps in chat box.

Our latest improvements
It's been a little over
a week since we launched the previous improved EVONY version. The EVONY
team asked the community to provide feedback and suggestions through
message board, emails and livechat.
And boy, has the community responded!
you for all of your valuable feedback. The EVONY team has been
listening and reading through your responses carefully, and we want to
share a quick summary of what we're adding because of feedback from
people like you. All improvements are undergoing a thorough examination
and testing before release. If you don't see these changes immediately,
you will in a few days. We hope you like them.
One new Beginner Quest is added.
An URL is added in every battle report. You may now show off your personal conquests to your friends.
New friend list and block list system is added.
All players may now change his/her avatar and gender one time only - free of charge.
Mail blocking feature is added.
Features of giving feedbacks, reporting harassment or bug in game.
Start a new venture with a new avatar after deleting the previous one.
System message will be displayed before server maintenance.
Interface of The Wheel of Fortune has been modified.
Alliance ranking is now ordered by honor by default.
Client version number is added.
Auto reconnect option added. Players may now choose to auto reconnect when disconnected.
Player will be informed by system mail when the Beginner's protection period is expired.
New package system is added.
"Mark as Read" option has been added to mail and reports interfaces.
Alliance search feature is optimized
Ranking search feature is optimized Interface
Interfaces of the game are optimized. EVONY looks more dedicated now.
New notifying icons added for Quest, Mail and Battle Report. Notification is more timely.
The "Feedback" button has its letters changed to "Contact Us", by clicking it will redirect you to the new contact site.
Player's gender is now correctly displayed in the Wheel of Fortune announcement.
In-game currency unit is now unified to be cents.
Interface of March has been optimized.
New feature of noting coordinates of players.
New open/close option added to the progress bar of marching troops. Concealable.
Revision of text.
More detailed information added to the scout reports.
New players will be given more information about building new cities after they have conquered the lands.
The "Dismiss troops" icon is modified.
Server time is now displayed in game.
Remove the "Return" button off the alliance interface.
Text of top-tip bar has been modified.
Revise the Quest Target texts of some quests.
More restrictions on city naming.
Correct the pop-up message of waiting queues of fortified units.
Total time of producing fortified units changes with real time.
The sizes of all buttons within the Alliance interface are now unified.
Revise the pop-up message of 5-minute free speedup.
Vertical scroll bar of alliance event has been removed.
Descriptions of some medal boxes revised.
Revise a few errors of descriptions of Scientific Research in the quest descriptions.
The progress bar now displays the target building's level, not the current level.
Commas is placed in a long number, for example 10,000 represents of 10 thousand.
scroll bar will be automatically generated and displayed in the Academy
interface when five or more cities are researching technologies.
Cooldown buff icon of Truce Agreement is added. Chatting
More words fall into filter category. Stricter regulation of world chat, while easier in the alliance channel.
Word size stays solid when expanding or contracting chat box.
New world chat channel open to beginners only.
Chat box increases to six lines.
No bounce back when scrolling back to check the history chat.
Cooldown of the world chat channel changes to 10 seconds.
Talking to player with space in his/her name. Battles
Items gained from battles relate with casualty.
Melee units like pikemen can attack archer's tower when sieging.
New option of Sharing the production to idle barracks.
Go to the city when clicking the coordinates in report. Bug
Bugfix - Pop-up error message when promoting an alliance member.
Bugfix - Creating alliance failed while alliance name is preoccupied with gold deducted anyway.
Bugfix - Multi invitations from different alliances.
Bugfix - Codes in address bar.
Bugfix - Renaming Lord name failed while the name is preoccupied with item deducted anyway.
Bugfix - Incomprehensible pop-up when typing in invalid coordinates in the March deployment box.
Bugfix - when registering, the game pop up "Registration failed".
Bugfix - Pop-up when clicking Recall button in Feasting Hall.
Bugfix - Building time more than 10 hours, hour place disappears occasionally.
Bugfix - Images of level 10 valleys display in blank.
Bugfix - Scroll bar bounces back to the top when claiming the quest awards.
Bugfix - If food reaches capacity limit, consumption of marching troops will not be deducted.
Bugfix - Player quits an alliance to join a new one, alliance chats stick to the former alliance rather than the new.
Bugfix - Food consumption of reinforcement to allies' cities or valleys.
Bugfix - Hero whose loyalty point is 70 will flee away when revolt happens.
Bugfix - Abnormal persuasion of captive heroes.
Bugfix - Scouts can attack Walls.
Bugfix - Marching status abnormal when checking allies' incoming reinforcement troops
Bugfix - Recall troops in Feasting Hall, status of troops is inconsistent with the one in Reports.
Bugfix - Open gate to fight apply to all cities when activate in one city.So
we thank you for your continued feedback, and for continuing to use
EVONY! Please know that the team actively reads into your words and
makes note of suggestions offered.
Until next time...
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Evony Patch Notes
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