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 Read this First!

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PostSubject: Read this First!   10/26/2009, 3:23 pm

What is the Prestige System? well on the forums, you get 7 prestige for starting a topic in a forum. 5 prestige for posting a message. 1 prestige per profile message, 9 prestige per friend, and every day you get 3 prestige. This gives us reason to post. Another thing is the Honor system. When someone makes a post, you can rate it, using the + and - buttons over here -->
Sort of in a way resembling the system in Evony. + adds 12 honor and - takes away 5 honor

How often do you spend editing the forums?
A: 2-6hours depending on how much time i have.

How long is Elr's E-pene?
A: find out for yourself =D

What is the C word?
A: a word very demeaning to woman. Dont use it or ill kickurazz.
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Read this First!
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