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PostSubject: First.(edited)   10/27/2009, 6:22 pm

I introduce myself.

Okay, sorry for the title. It's just I never get a chance to do that. As for the first sentence I was just being a little silly and slightly immature.

Anyway, I am 18 years old and currently a senior in high school. I like to play football, soccer, and golf in an unprofessional manner(with friends not with an organization). I love to play video games, my favorites would be:
Fallout 3- In my opinion one of the best games of all time. The main plot line is very interesting although a little short. Plus side, their is plenty of other quest to do.(I easily put 120 hours into just one character, with many others at various hours of game play.) The game play is fairly solid with a few bugs that can be expected. The music from GNR is amazing, the old-style music is pure win.
Call of Duty 4- I love the story line in this game, it's much better than the WWII games that have you do several missions with various characters with no real plot. Although, I do like some of the WWII arsenal more than the newer weapons, the story line is what brings it on top of World at War and the previous games. The multiplayer is fine, a few weapons make it ridiculous at times and rather annoying to play but it is fun nonetheless.
Halo(Series)- Not my favorite FPS, but it is still a good series no matter what people say. I mainly play it due to the fact that many of my friends play it and it is actually fun to play on occasion. The story line I thought was pretty good throughout the series, especially Halo CE. The soundtrack in any of the games is spectacular, Marty is magnificent in almost every Halo song he has done.
Orange Box(Half-Life 2)- Gordon Freeman is win. No other character in anything that exist is cooler than Gordon Freeman.(Argue if you wish, I don't care.) The only problem that I have with this game and it is minor at best...it takes awhile to load in the game.(If you played it for 360, you probably know what I'm talking about.) That and a few quotes in game that are slightly disturbing.
Gears of War- Fantastic game. Sure it has many problems in multiplayer especially in Gears 2 but if you get around that it is an awesome game. The dismemberment is particularly fun to see and I would love to see a sequel.

Two games I can't wait for is Assassin's Creed II and Modern Warfare 2. I would go into further detail about them but I fear that you have already lost interest in the previous section. Now then, after high school I plan on enlisting in the army, with the hope that I will eventually become a sniper. If I can't do that for any reason then I'll be an infantryman. No matter what happens, I'll serve for 4 years, go to college(paid for by the U.S. government), attend officer candidate school(OCS) and become an officer, then continue my career in either path listed above until I retire 'x' amount of years later. This is my plan, if you have a problem with it, feel free to tell me. I'm interested in everyone's opinion.

Reason for putting 99 as age- I mistyped the year and it said you can't be over 99 years of age. So I am testing what would happen if someone reached the age 99 on the forum. I will correct it tomorrow.
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