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 Earning Medals

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PostSubject: Earning Medals   10/27/2009, 1:13 pm


Earning medals can be frustrating at times and make most almost want to quit the game but there are many different things that can be done to find the
medals you want for promotion. So I have done test and have gathered information and have put it all into a guide for you to use so that you have a better

Newer Server Medal Guide

Here is a quick guide for earning medals on newer servers:

1) Cross - Level 1-4 Valleys
2) Rose - Level 1-4 Valleys
3) Lion - Level 1-7 | Level 1-3 NPCs
4) Honor - Level 1-4 NPCs
5) Courage - Level 1-5 NPCs
6) Freedom - Level 4-5 NPCs
7) Wisdom - Level 5+ NPCs
Cool Justice/Nation - Level 10 NPCs

Sending The Right Amount
here is a chart on the least amount of troops needed, but you can send as many as you want with the archers and warriors.
(if you want to know the amount needed for the other valleys just double the troops needed for the valley valley before the one your on now)


In the chart above choose what kind of troop you want to attack with and beside each type
of valley/NPC you will see the amount of troops needed to send.

(Warning: amounts of troops needed may vary depending on your research levels but for the most
part get the highest archery level you can and this will work best!!! You will also lose all your warriors when attacking the level 9 and10 NPC!)

Quick Notes On Earning Medals:

* Always remember: The more rounds the better, because the more rounds increases the drop rate.
That's why you get more medals from NPCs then valleys.
* You dont find medals in certain types of valleys any more, Just by the valley level.
* When attacking valleys you do not have to conquer it.
* The whole thing about the higher intelligence hero isn't true no matter who tells you it is, but there is
a possibility that sending a hero with lower attack does increase the chances of you getting that medal.
* Always remember to let valleys/NPCs restore their troops. (Any where from 50min to an hour.)
Letting the troops regenerate increases the chances of getting a medal, but you do not have to do that
if you dont want to.

Facts About Medals:

Here is some facts and different tips about medals.
(The medals are listed from least to most desirable medals.)

Cross Medals:
They are real easy to find, just attack every low level valley you see!!!

Rose Medals:
For most it seems to be the hardest to find.

Lion Medals:
Moderately hard to find, not to bad. Just send a bunch of ballistas at low level NPC's...

Honor Medals:
Not to hard to find... Ive have found them in high level valleys before too.

Courage Medal:
Just send a little bit less ballistas than you would send to get a
wisdom medal to a lower level NPC.

Wisdom Medals:
They can be found easily from sending 500 ballista at a bunch of
different lvl 5 NPCs. (Same as the freedom medals)

Freedom Medals:
They can be found easily from sending 500 ballista at a bunch of
different lvl 5 NPCs. (Get them all the time when NPC farming.)

Justice Medal:
You get them usually from waves of spear heads waves against level 10 NPCs

Nation Medals:
You get them usually on the smaller second spearhead waves and warrior raid waves.

Drop Rates:

From what i have heard it is that the medal drop rate is at 1%-2% per medal type
on newer servers and a 5%-8% medal drop rate per medal type on older servers.
In the end while all of this stuff helps you get the medal you want, but because
the drop rates are so low there is no absolute chance you will get a medal every
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Earning Medals
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